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Weekly Drash - Nitavim

Compliments of First Fruits of Zion
reprinted by permission of FFOZ

Nitzavim - נצבים : “You are standing”
Torah : Deuteronomy 29:9–30:20
Haftarah : Isaiah 61:10–63:9
Gospel : Acts 19–20 


They Forsook the Torah


Thought for the Week:

The Torah commands us to choose life, and Messiah is life. His is a life of obedience, and as such, it too is a choice. We can choose to hear the commands of God and walk in obedience, or we can choose to turn away and walk after the vanity of our own hearts. Even disciples must make a choice. One is the path of Messiah, the other is the path of Judas. One is life; one is death. Choose life.



Deuteronomy 29:22–28. As Moses prophetically looks towards the future generations of Israel, he sees the first and second exiles. He sees that a time will come when the nations will ask why God has treated His people in this manner. Those that ask are answered, “Because they forsook the covenant of the LORD.” (Deuteronomy 29:25) They forsook obedience to the Torah.

Let’s consider the gravity of Moses’ warning. God gave Israel the Torah. They enter into a covenant whereby they promise to keep the Torah. Moses warns them that if they break that covenant and transgress the Torah, then desolation, exile, curse and captivity will befall them. In later generations, a long string of prophets come to Israel with the same message, always entreating Israel to return to Torah and walk in covenant faithfulness. For the 1400 years from Sinai until the days of the Messiah, God continuously calls Israel to observe Torah and punishes them with exile, destruction and the horror of His curses if they do not. At a certain time, he exiles His people, destroys His own Temple and lays waste His land because Israel did not keep the Torah. After 70 years of exile, He returns the remnant of Judah to the land with admonitions and warnings to keep His Torah and walk faithfully in His covenant.

All of that being so, does it make sense that He should suddenly change His mind and declare to His people, “Never mind that stuff about keeping the Torah. From now on, you just need to believe in my Son.” Could there be a greater travesty of justice? What of the generations that suffered for their disobedience? Why did they suffer if God knew all along that subsequent generations would be encouraged to forsake Torah? How could God, after generation on generation of calling His people to Torah obedience, after book upon holy book of Scripture that exhorts His people to Torah, expect His people to suddenly follow a new way that jettisoned the Torah?

But when Messiah came, He did not jettison the Torah. Instead, He said, “Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill. For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished.” (Matthew 5:17–18)


Shavuah Tov!  Have a Good Week!

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