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The Passion of Ha'Mashiach

(The Christ)

Cameron MMin. CBHM

Jason (Assoc. MMin CBHM) and I had the privilege to go and see The Passion of the Christ the night before it's scheduled opening.  This film has been surrounded by controversy for over a year before it's release.  We went with mixed feelings: hopeful that as believers in Messiah, it would glorify Adonai, but somewhat fearful as to the portrayal and reaction of our Jewish brothers and sisters.  Below are my thoughts and reaction to this movie.

The Controversy – Is the film Anti-Semitic or not historically or scripturally accurate: 

    Anti-Semitism - A persons view of Anti-Semitism is often subject to that persons perception.  Some parts of the movie showed the Temple guard in an unfavorable light, and clearly Kayafas (Ciaphas), Yahuda (Judas), and some members of the Sanhedrin were shown as jealous, and power hungry.  Yet these images are offset by images of Jewish women crying for Yeshua's suffering, the image of Simeon, and the young women trying to take water to Yeshua.

    Historical - Most parts of the film are accurate historically, but as with the Gospel accounts, additional information is there that can only be verified by scripture.  While the resurrection has not been verified according to "Historians", the effects have been, the life of one "Man" (Jesus) has changed the world.  His disciples, who fled in fear, changed in 3 days into men and women on fire, totally convinced of the resurrection! 

    Scriptural - While extra biblical sources were consulted, and some "Hollywood Hype" added, there is nothing in this film that contradicts the B'rit Hadasha (New Testament).


Kayafas was not a regularly chosen high priest, a Sadducee who denied the resurrection, worried over Roman reaction to Yeshua and His followers.  Jealousy over the peoples reaction to Yeshua as Messiah may have been a motivating factor.  The Sanhedrin was convened at night against Jewish Law, and all those speaking out for Yeshua, or against the improper trail were rebuked. 

The story:

Begins in the Garden, 12 hours before His death

Figure of Adversary (Satan) telling Yeshua he cannot bear the sin of the entire world.

Agony of the decision and the weight of the world 's sin on Yeshua

Yahuda betrays Yeshua, disciples scatter \

Temple Guards very rough in treating Yeshua

Thrown  off bridge, chain on waist, not in scripture

Sanhedrin – Kayafas leads accusers, several try to defend Yeshua, expelled

Yeshua declaration as I AM, son of man coming on the clouds with all power, Kayafas tears clothes

Hand picked Kayafas mob takes Yeshua to Pilate

Pilate fears revolt or riot, believes Kayafas will start if Yeshua not condemned.

Pilate questions, finds no fault

Mob demands crucifixion – Kayafas mob, does not represent all Jews as some claim, for all of His disciples are Jewish!

Scouraging (whipping) – Romans sadistic , seem to enjoy hurting Jews, very bloody scene.  Some claim soldiers were Jew's, this is not supported scripturally, and is historically incorrect, Rome always used troops from another country to prevent revolt and to ensure they would not side with the population.

Miriam of Magdala – As she and Miriam mother of Yeshua clean-up Yeshua's blood, remembers Yeshua and the crowd wanting to stone her.

Mob frees Bar Abas, demands crucifixion  

Pilate washes hands of the matter

Yeshua carries execution stake (cross) , falling many times, weight of the cross coming down on His back, the Romans beating Him savagely

Simeon forced to carry cross, Jewish women calling for him to help the Holy Man (Yeshua) , Simeon is later called "Jew" in disdain by the Roman soldiers

Jewish woman attempts to bring Yeshua water, Romans knock her away, she holds His blood stained cloth to her as though it is the most precious item in the world, which it is!

Nailing Yeshua to cross, it is Gibson's hand, when asked why, Gibson said "My sins killed him"

Yeshua cries Abba (My Father or Daddy), Forgive them for they no not what they do, as the High Priest passes.

Thieves on cross , one mocks, other asks Yeshua to remember him in His kingdom, and Yeshua says "Truly, today you will be with me in Paradise" 

 Yochanan & Miriam - even nailed to the cross, Yeshua lovingly places Miriam in the care of Yochanan (John), as his mother, and he as her child.

Yeshua cries, It Is finished (accomplished) , the word means paid in full!

Spear in side , shown as a massive spraying, hyped up for effect.

Temple split (not just the veil) , only the veil was torn in scripture

The Resurrection – scene shifts to a sealed tomb, a golden light floods the inside, grave clothes with a body inside, empty before our eyes !

Yeshua stands with the wounds in his hands clearly visible !  "Grave where is your victory, Death where is your sting", "The grave could no longer hold The King!"


    Only mature people , not children should see this film, it is bloody, and the Romans are cruel beyond imagination.  Seeing how they treated Jews, one can understand a little better the horror of the Holocaust.

    Very bloody

    Very moving - Worth seeing

    Worth seeing - each person calling themselves a believer, needs to understand to price paid to redeem them from sin, and the horror that sin causes.

What will it accomplish:

    I do not think those rejecting Adonai will be swayed by this movie.

    It will move those whose heart is open to the truth

    It will force those sitting on the fence, playing church, lukewarm, dead or dying, to decide what they really believe!   Yeshua said "I'd rather you be hot or cold, but not lukewarm, therefore I'll vomit you out of my mouth.  Lukewarm is a form of religiosity, but with no life changing belief, denying the Power of G-d!  Luke warm is the condition of most churches & believers today.

  In the end, the real value is:

To force people to stop playing believer, and actually become one!

  To wake up the “church” from it’s slumber, and count the cost.  

  To confront the culture and open up real discussion about Yeshua!  

  Confront Anti-Semitism within the church, no one has the right to blame the Jews for Yeshua's death, Yeshua (Jesus) was born a Jew and all of the disciples were Jews.  Christians must wake-up and realize, there is no salvation apart from the Jews, for scripture came by the Jews, The Prophets were Jews, and Yeshua (Jesus) is a Jew! 

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