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Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict) - Messiah, Israel & the Jewish People

Many Catholics, Protestants, Messianic Jews and non-Messianic Jews await to see what Pope Benedict's (Cardinal Ratzinger) position will be towards Israel.

Based on earlier writings we can ascertain with considerable confidence that Pope Benedict will continue his predecessor's (Pope John Paul II) open dialogue and acceptance of Israel and the Jewish people.

This confidence is based on the writing - “The Jewish People and the Holy Scriptures in the Christian Bible,” issued by the Pontifical Biblical Commission and authorized by the Vatican’s top theologian, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. 

The report stated “the Jewish messianic wait is not in vain.”  Jews and Christians share their wait for the Messiah, although Jews are waiting for the first coming and Christians for the second.

The document also contained an apology to the Jewish people for supposed anti-Semitic passages contained in the New Testament, and also stresses the continuing importance of the Torah for Christians.  (Ed. the supposed anti-Semitism occurred during translations and is not contained in a proper understanding of the original inspired text).

Doctrinal differences have not been erased however, as the Christians & Messianic Jews believe that their Messiah is Yeshua (Jesus) who is also God, while for Jews the Messiah is not a divine being and cannot be Jesus because he died before bringing the redemption.

The document also affirms the importance of the “Jewish Bible,” a term for the that replaces the traditional “Old Testament,” which has a negative implication as being replaced by the “New Testament.”

Cardinal Ratzinger was asked if Jews must, or should, acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah, told an interviewer, “We believe that. The fact remains, however, that our Christian conviction is that Christ is also the Messiah of Israel.”

The new Pope comes to lead as anti-Semitism appears to be increasing around the world predominately from Muslim sources.

His acceptance of Israel, and the Jewish people should be applauded by Messianics, and Christians who have a love for our Jewish brothers and sisters.

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